Cormyr Background


The kingdom of Cormyr (Core-meer) is old, yet strong and vigorous. This civilized land carved itself out of a wilder terri- tory through grit, bravery, and determination. Though the land has a reputation of goodly rule, sometimes Cormyr has had to make difficult choices to ensure its security. its most contested border is along shadowy netheril and gluttonous Sembia, though Cormyr also borders the hazard- ous Stonelands, the Tunlands, and the Stormhorns and Thunderpeaks.

Dominated by humankind, the Land of the Purple dragon has been ruled by house Obarskyr for over fourteen centuries, with the strong backing of an army of heavily armored knights on Cormyrian destriers and magically potent warmages.

The Ruling Class

Cormyr is a hereditary monarchy; the reigning mon- arch is king foril obarskyr. Son of Azoun V and nalara marliir, the future king was born in the year of True omens (1409 dr). he was named in honor of his great-grandfather’s only son, who was assassinated by fire knives at the age of 2.

In his late adolescence foril trained with the Purple Dragons (Cormyr’s military), but later chose more academic pursuits under the tutelage of the War Wizards. Free from the heavy responsibilities placed on his older brother Emvar, Foril’s passionate study of warfare and diplomacy eventually led the prince to Tethyr (far in the southwest), where he apprenticed under the red fellowship.

During this period, Foril fell deeply in love with Jemra Rhindaun, niece to Queen Sybille of Tethyr. After a whirlwind engagement, they wed in the year of the Stalking Horrors (1430 dr), but this didn’t sit well with the Cormyrian nobility at all. Jemra birthed a healthy baby boy, Irvel Obarskyr, a year later.

In the year of the Silent Flute (1437 dr), Crown Prince Emvar died in an ambush by Sembian forces south of the Vast Swamp. in the same month, Queen Jemra was killed in a failed assassination attempt on the king. Waves of mourning and calls for decisive action against Netheril and Sembia swept Cormyr.

It was soon discovered that before his death, Emvar fathered a son, Erzoured, with a merchant’s daughter named Solatha. Solatha was named Countess of Dhedluk (a small community of 1,000 in the King’s Forest), after her birthplace, to ensure that Erzoured would have a title to inherit despite his illegitimate birth. With his mother, Erzoured moved to the Palace where he was raised beside Irvel as a brother.

Ref: Brian R. James. Dragon #365

Cormyr Background

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